What's the history of this system?
The systems originated in Europe in the early 1970's.
They were originally used as temporary bridges for the military as well as floating docks.
In USA over 12,000 floats were used at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.
These Floats are still in use today. Nautic Resource created and patented the jagged shape to provide the best, safest, modular floating drive-on dry dock available today.
How does the Marinefloor system hold up to hurricane / typhoons?
Marinefloor's modular design and superior quality hold up quite well in a hurricane/typhoons depending on the installation.
While no dock is hurricane proof the Marinefloor systems have survived quite well.
Our customers are reporting excellent results for the docks that were hit hand in all the hurricanes/typhoons.
The biggest issue is that the docks are securely attached to solid pillings and given plenty of line to be able to absorb the wave energy. In each case, no damage was sustained to the dock and the docks did not fail just the mounting points on the pilings it was attached to.
Can I get a Marinefloor if there is no dealer in my area?
Absolutely, In the areas where there is not a local dealer presence, we can ship your Marinefloor directly to you or a local freight terminal for pickup.
Can I become a Distributor?
Maybe, we have a variety of dealer plans available and some areas are still open.
Please contact HP&C to explore this possibility.
Can I assemble my own dock?
Yes, actually, most of our customers install their won docks. Your dock will arrive partially assembled or separate cubes and parts and 2 people can easily do the final assembly and have it in the water in immediately.
How is the dock shipped?
The Marinefloor system is shipped via common carrier or shipping container to either a freight terminal or directly to place you want to install. The core components will be assembled in easy to fit together sections for you to finish.
Will the U-channel scratch my boat?
The High Molecular weight polyethylene is softer than gel coat and fiberglass of your boat.
The Dock will affect your hull about the same as using a trailer or other bunk style boat lift. Keeping your dock clean and hosed off will minimize the chance of sand and grit on the dock scratching your boat.
Can I use the Marinefloor system in heavy waves?
The Marinefloor system is built to withstand harsh environments.
Our cubes will dissipate energy every 19 inches and roll with the waves. For heavy waves, it is necessary that your craft be tied down securely and that you frequently check the dock to ensure that all connections are tight and secure.
Do marine growths hurt the dock?
Barnacles give some effect on the Marinefloor system. They will grow about 1/2 to 1 inch and then slough off and start again.
Marine growth will occur on the underside and other parts of the dock that is constantly submerged in water. However, this will not impact the overall buoyancy of the dock in any way, shape or form.
Remember that one of the reasons you buy the Marinefloor is that it is virtually maintenance free.
Therefore, cleaning the dock's underside is simply an extra chore that you do not have to worry about.
Which color is available?
Any color of Marinefloor system is available on request for the outdoor durability, technically speaking, although the carbon pigment in the polymer gives the highest level of durability, strength, HP&C's synthetic compound provides almost the same durability and strength in any other color.
How much weight will each float hold?
Each of the main-cubes will hold over 90Kg/200 lbs.
9 cubes can hold ONE TON! The half-cube and hold right at 45Kg/100 lbs.
So our dock definitely has enough buoyancy for your boat.
The cube is air filled (basically a rigid, hollow compartment) with a wall thickness of approximately 6mm.
Do I need permits to install my area?
It depends on the area. In most cases your Marinefloor system is considered a temporary structure and may not require a permit. It really depends on your local regulations.
Can I register the dock as a boat or barge?
Yes. Any customers have registered their Marinefloor systems as both motorized and non-motorized boats and barges. This sometimes simplifies local requirements.
Will these dampen wave action?
The Marinefloor system can be configured to dampen waves. In a typical Drive-on configuration, the docks will not affect the wave action.
Is there any heavy duty commercial version?
Our normal cubes are extra heavy duty already.
Can I use this in the marina?
We have many customers who use their Marinefloor in a marina to protect their boats and keep them clean. Many marinas prefer this system to a lift for aesthetics also.
What about high wind, wakes/waves and water surges?
Marinefloor rolls with waves/water as Mother Nature imparts her wrath on the dock.
Water surges can be handled with our tide management system.
The Marinefloor is ideally suited where normal dock or dry-docking procedures are difficult or unsafe.
Where water currents might cause the watercraft to bump pu against the seawall or existing dock or mechanical lift, the system allows a safe, protected approach, contact and dry-docking procedure.
Will water flow under the dock?
By using a row of the half-cube with the flat side up it will form a bridge for the water to pass under the dock. This allows debris to get caught up alongside the dock.
Can I run my Marinefloor all the way to shore?
Yes, In fact, with a few rows of the half-cubes, flat side up to form a series of steps or a gentle ramp to your main dock. The floats are fine sitting on dry ground.
How about the effects of weather or sun ray?
The Marinefloor system is engineered to be extremely durable and flexible to allow it to handle harsh wave action in most storms.
Made of UV-stable composite. The sun will not destroy or alter the cube in any way, shape or forms.
Can I leave my dock in winter time?
Absolutely, The dock can be left in all year even in salt water.
The Marinefloor system is designed to be left in the ice for the winter. The special design of the cube allows the dock to pop up on top of the ice.
How does ice affect the system?
The issue when it comes to ice and its affect on the system is water flow.
If there is a heavy current or moving ice, the key question to ask yourself is, "When the ice thaws out, does it just dissipate back into the water level or are there large blocks of heavy flow ice moving around that would severely damage stationary docks?" If you answer "Yes" to the first part of the question, you can leave our dock in all year.
If you answer "Yes" to the second part of the question, then your next move is as obvious as the ice will tear out and wash away any structure.
Will the system work in shallow water?
Yes, you can use the dock anywhere you can drive your crafts.
The cubes only draw about 2 to 4 inches of water with the craft off it.
The minimum functional waterdepth is measured at the back of the dock where the drive-on takes place.
The dock needs to be able to flex in order to drive on top of it.
System is fine at rest on the bottom during low tides.
The important thing is that there is enough depth at the stem of the dock to allow the boat to back off.
Can it be towed to another location or take out of the water easily?
The dock can easily be moved to another location, either by towing it with your PWC or boat, loading it up on your boat retailer, or by disassembling it and having it moved to its new location.
The dock can easily be moved to another location, either by towing it with your PWC or boat, loading it up on your boat trailer, or by disassembling it and having it moved to its new location.
How many cubes wide for a stable walking platform?
The cubes can be used as a floating platform, gangway, finger pier or any other type of customized configuration you so desire.
Available walking platform must be at least three cubes wide or 5'. The dock is extremely stable to walk on and will support your body weights due to the balanced buoyancy of each cube(which is about 200 lbs).
Is the dock slippery when you walk on it?
The non-skid surface makes the dock very safe to walk on even when it is wet.
What're the main benefits of your system?
The innovation that better than ever.
Marinefloor's patented unique design provides the only modular, changeable, the most durable, and expandable dock system with built in flex self-balancing motion.